Top 7+ Best Skull candy Headphones to Buy in 2024

Skull candy Headphones: Skullcandy is a brand known for its stylish and bass-heavy headphones that cater to the tastes of young people around the world.

If you’re looking for headphones that not only sound good but also make a fashion statement, Skull candy has you covered. In this article, we’ll explore the top 7+ best Skull candy headphones to buy in 2024.

Top 7+ Best Skullcandy Headphones to Buy in 2024

HeadphonesNoise CancellationBattery LifeWater ResistanceBluetoothPrice Range
Skullcandy Crusher ANC 2Yes49hNoneBluetooth 5.2$99.99 – $169.99
Skullcandy Crusher Evo WirelessNo40hNoBluetooth 5.0$99.99 – $138.99
Skullcandy Indy ANCYes9h + 23h in caseIP55Bluetooth 5.0$62.79 – $66.91
Skullcandy Push ActiveNo10h + 34h in caseIP55Bluetooth 5.2$29.99 – $75.00
Skullcandy Hesh 3No22hNoBluetooth 5.0$47.50 – $108.63
Skullcandy Riff WirelessNo12hNoBluetooth 4.1$24.94 – $40.49
Skullcandy VenueYes24hNon/an/a

Skull candy Crusher ANC 2:

If you’re a music enthusiast who craves deep, powerful bass, then the Skullcandy Crusher ANC 2 headphones are the perfect choice for you.

Designed for bass lovers, these over-ear headphones deliver an immersive audio experience with signature monster bass and customizable Sensory Bass effect. Whether you’re listening to your favorite tracks or watching movies, the Crusher ANC 2 headphones provide a subwoofer-like experience that will make you feel like you’re right in the middle of the action.

With features like active noise cancellation and a long-lasting battery life of nearly 49 hours, these headphones are not only stylish but also functional, making them ideal for long listening sessions on the go.

  • Best Overall
  • These over-ear headphones are perfect for bass enthusiasts who crave powerful low frequencies.
  • Features active noise cancellation and a customizable Sensory Bass effect.
  • Impressive battery life of nearly 49 hours with ANC enabled.
  • Comes with a range of features including Bluetooth 5.2, personal sound profiles, and Tile support.
  • Available in a range of prices, making them accessible to most consumers.

Skull candy Crusher Evo Wireless:

For those who want the immersive sound experience of the Crusher ANC 2 without the noise cancellation feature, the Skullcandy Crusher Evo Wireless headphones are a fantastic alternative.

These over-ear headphones feature an adjustable bass slider that allows you to customize the bass output according to your preferences, ensuring a balanced audio performance. With a foldable design and travel-friendly features, the Crusher Evo Wireless headphones are perfect for music lovers on the move.

Plus, with a battery life of up to 40 hours and quick charging capabilities, you can enjoy uninterrupted listening for hours on end, whether you’re commuting to work or hitting the gym.

  • Runner-up
  • A more affordable version of the Crusher ANC 2 without noise cancellation.
  • Features an adjustable bass slider for customizable sound.
  • Foldable design and travel-friendly.
  • Offers a good balance of audio performance and comfort.
  • Great battery life and fast charging capabilities.

Skull candy Indy ANC:

Dive into the world of true wireless freedom with the Skullcandy Indy ANC earbuds. Offering active noise cancellation and a comfortable fit, these earbuds are perfect for those who want to block out distractions and focus on their music.

With a decent sound quality and the ability to customize EQ presets, the Indy ANC earbuds provide an enjoyable listening experience for music lovers on the go.

Whether you’re working out at the gym or commuting to work, these earbuds offer reliable performance and convenient features like Tile integration for tracking lost earbuds.

  • Best true wireless
  • True wireless earbuds with active noise cancellation.
  • Decent sound quality with adjustable EQ presets.
  • Comfortable and suitable for sports activities.
  • Features Tile integration for tracking lost earbuds.
  • Affordable price point, making them accessible to budget-conscious consumers.

Skullcandy Push Active:

Designed for active lifestyles, the Skullcandy Push Active true wireless earbuds are your perfect workout companion. With a stable ear hook design and balanced sound performance, these earbuds ensure a comfortable and secure fit, even during intense physical activities.

Featuring customizable EQ presets and long battery life, the Push Active earbuds deliver an exceptional audio experience that keeps you motivated throughout your workout.

Plus, with IP55 water resistance and durable construction, these earbuds are built to withstand sweat and the elements, making them ideal for outdoor adventures and gym sessions.

  • Best for Sports
  • True wireless earbuds with ear hook design for stability during workouts.
  • Surprisingly balanced sound performance is suitable for any music genre.
  • Features customizable EQ presets and Tile technology for tracking.
  • Long battery life with 10 hours on a single charge and 34 hours with the charging case.
  • An affordable option for those who prioritize comfort and durability during physical activities.

Skullcandy Hesh 3:

If you’re in search of clean-looking Bluetooth over-ear headphones with a focus on powerful bass, look no further than the Skullcandy Hesh 3.

With its sleek design and monstrous bass, these headphones offer a dynamic sound experience that’s perfect for modern music genres. Despite the emphasis on bass, the Hesh 3 maintains a balanced sound signature, ensuring that every element of your music shines through.

Lightweight and comfortable, these headphones are ideal for extended listening sessions, whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the go. Plus, with the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity and a long-lasting battery life of up to 22 hours, the Hesh 3 headphones provide a seamless listening experience wherever you are.

  • Clean-looking Bluetooth wireless over-ear headphones with powerful bass.
  • Lightweight and comfortable design with foldable ear cups for portability.
  • Great passive noise isolation and ambient noise reduction.
  • Offers a warm sound signature with emphasis on bass frequencies.
  • Affordable option with a range of color choices to suit different preferences.

Skullcandy Riff Wireless:

For those who prefer on-ear headphones, the Skullcandy Riff Wireless offers a lightweight and comfortable option with a fun, V-shaped sound signature. With its emphasis on bass and sparkly treble, these headphones are perfect for fans of hip-hop and electronic dance music.

Despite the bass-heavy sound, the Riff Wireless maintains clarity and detail across the frequency spectrum, ensuring an enjoyable listening experience for a wide range of music genres. Featuring a foldable design and intuitive controls, these headphones are perfect for on-the-go use, whether you’re commuting, traveling, or simply relaxing at home.

  • Best On-Ears
  • On-ear headphones with a fun, V-shaped sound signature.
  • Lightweight and comfortable design with foldable ear cups for easy storage.
  • Suitable for popular music genres like hip-hop and EDM.
  • Features physical controls for easy operation and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Affordable price point making them accessible to budget-conscious consumers.

Skullcandy Venue:

Experience clear sound and effective noise cancellation with the Skullcandy Venue wireless headphones. With their lightweight design and aluminum frame, these headphones offer both comfort and durability for extended listening sessions.

The V-shaped sound signature provides an exciting audio experience, with powerful bass and crisp highs that bring your music to life. Whether you’re commuting in a noisy environment or relaxing at home, the active noise cancellation feature ensures that you can enjoy your music without distractions.

Plus, with a long battery life of up to 24 hours and the convenience of rapid charging, the Venue headphones are always ready to keep up with your busy lifestyle.

  • Over-ear headphones with clear sound and active noise cancellation technology.
  • Lightweight and durable design with aluminum frame construction.
  • Enjoyable sound signature with emphasis on bass frequencies.
  • Features Monitor mode for amplifying surroundings and integrated Tile support.
  • Affordable option for those seeking both quality sound and noise cancellation.

In addition to these top picks, Skullcandy also offers budget-friendly options like the Skullcandy Jib True Wireless and Skullcandy Dime True Wireless earbuds, which provide decent sound quality at an affordable price point.

Overall, Skullcandy headphones are a great choice for anyone looking for stylish, bass-heavy headphones that deliver a fun listening experience. With a range of options to choose from, there’s something for everyone in the Skullcandy lineup.

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